Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bacon Towne Records Release Number 008

On Friday the 13th, August 13, (duh) 2010 it became official, Bacon Towne Record's 8th release hit the streets in glorious fashion. The record, "Full Time" by FLORIDA HARDCORE LEGENDS Murder Suicide Pact was formally released to the masses. The show was at the Pegasus Lounge in Tampa and MSP was one of 4 bands on the bill that night. The night began with Trench Foot, crusty, adolescent and awesomely energetic as always. A forgettable pop-punk band from South Florida came next before giving way to MSP around midnight. MSP drilled through a 12-song-set, ending with an encore. The set list included Downtime, I'm Not Cleaning Up This Mess, Do It or Don't, Pretty Good/Pretty Bad, Hit Me In The Nuts, I Respect You and All of Your Body Parts (BTR 008), My Own Poison, Road Rage, Stronger Than Dirt, Pity Part, Full Time (BTR 008) and Heavy Hand. Since I have been listening to the 6-songs from the new BTR release pretty much non-stop for the past 3 months, it was absolutely AMAZING to hear a couple of them live! This is the first new vinyl release for Murder Suicide Pact since the "Lobotomy Kit" 7 inch on Burrito Records (BR 009) which was released back in December 1998. Just in case you are interested and don't actually own this record, we do have copies in our deestro... Anyway, even though they have playing live all over the state, they toured South America and are regulars at all Brandon/Tampa Bay hardcore shows, they went A LONG TIME between releases. After so much time it was funny that this Friday the 13th Record Release Extravaganza was for not one, but 2 new releases! Aside from "Full Time", the 6-song 7 inch on Bacon Towne, they formally released another 7 inch that night called "Do It Or Don't" (GPR 55) on Give Praise Records. MSP played 4 songs off of this 5-song 7 inch in their set. With half of the songs from their set list being released that night it was even more amazing and awesome to see all of the kids in the crowd singing along to every song. Thank you power of the interweb! The next chance to see the amazing live show that is Murder Suicide Pact is September 11th in St. Pete, Floriduh - more details coming soon! We here at Bacon Towne hope to trade with Give Praise soon so we can carry the complete Murder Suicide Pact catalog. For now, we have plenty of copies of "Full Time" that are hot off the press. Like all of our releases, the initial press for this one is 1,000 copies. The entire press run of this one is black vinyl. Obviously you can get these at Murder Suicide Pact shows, through Bob or through us here at Bacon Towne Records. The record is available mail order for just 4 bucks and that is a postpaid price. We will not accept your yuppie plastic, but do like cash, checks and money orders. If you insist, we will take Paypal. As a Murder Suicide Pact super interweb especial you can get both the new "Full Time" seven inch along with the "Lobotomoy Kit" 7 inch for only 7 bucks postage paid! In fact, while we are throwing around special deals and what not, check out this offer... For the first 5 people who reply (supplies are limited) we can offer 1 of each of all 8 of our releases, PLUS a copy of "Lobotomy Kit", PLUS a random 7 inch (our choice) for only 30 bucks and that includes postage. Get on it and get in the pit! See you there... Marck and Heather Bacontowne!

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  1. I guess the drummer didn't get the memo about wearing a black shirt with white lettering.