Monday, September 6, 2010

23 More Great 7 Inch Records For Sale...

Here are 23 more 7 inch titles from the Bacon Towne Records vault. These are all available for 4 bucks a piece postpaid. Send us an email if you are interested...
7000 Dying Rats “Forced Boat” Pink Vinyl Scenester Credentials
9 Shocks Terror “Mobile Terror Unit” Grey Vinyl Havoc Records
Archagathus / Unholy Grave SPLIT Black Vinyl Jerk Off Records
Dissystema “Eye of the Storm” Black Vinyl Despotic Records
Fucked Up “Litany” Black Vinyl Havoc Records Killed In Action "Self Abuse" Black Vinyl Give Praise Records
Land Of Glory “Hate Is Just A Feeling” Blue Vinyl Jerk off Records
Names For Graves “Version 2.1” Black Vinyl Refuse Records
Nervous Breakdown “Join The Army” Crazy Orange Striped Vinyl Give Praise Records
Riistetyt “Tervetuloa Kuolema” Black Vinyl Havoc Records
RunnAmucks “Untouchable” Black Vinyl Cowabunga/Gnarly Slaughter Records
Scurvy Dogs “Relieve Yourself” Red Vinyl Tank Crimes Records
Signal Lost “You’ll Never Get Us Down Again” Blue Vinyl Prank Records
Splag “Rise/Fall” Gold Vinyl / Hand screened covers Punx Before Profits
Strung Up “Warfucked” Black Vinyl Tank Crimes Records
Svartenbrandt “Sista Dan’I Rampljuset” Black Vinyl Arschkarte Records
Tipper’s Gore “Musical Holocaust” Black Vinyl Flat Black Records
Un Premier Mai “No. 6” Black Vinyl Aversion Records
Up Against “No More” Black Vinyl Drunk Records
Urine Specimen “Raw” Black Vinyl Catchphraze Records
Voetsek “Tinea Cruris” Black Vinyl Six Weeks Records
Vivisuk "US Disastwhore" Pink Vinyl Bacon Towne Records
Yossarian Is Drowning “Blueprint For Optimism” Black Vinyl Forever Escaping Boredom Records
Thanks for reading! Cheers and oinks, marck and heather bacontowne.